Borough Market

Food markets! Who doesn’t love them? There’s something very special about the energy you feel when you walk around a food market, specially in London. One of my favourites is Borough Market, which dates back to the 13th century. As soon as you walk into the market you will be greeted with a vibrant and friendly atmosphere. It almost feels like home! Whether its fresh produce, cheese, spices or freshly squeezed juices that you’re after, then you’ll definitely find it.

Park Street leading up to Borough Market has lots of cool and colourful shops.

IMG_0033IMG_0036Paul Smith on Park Street is one of my favourite Paul Smith Boutiques in London. Just look at that green entrance. Looks quintessentially British!IMG_0041As you walk approaching the market, you’ll get a to see a beautiful view of The Shard building and you’ll want to take a picture of it (exactly as I did!). Pretty, isn’t it?IMG_0054It was a bright and sunny Friday with blue skies. The perfect weather for Borough Market.IMG_0043IMG_0042Neal’s Yard Dairy in Borough Market holds cheese tasting classes. One of the friendly staff who greeted me at the entrance filled me in about it. Details of the classes can be found on their website.IMG_0045Just across the road from Neal’s Yard Dairy, you’ll find The German Deli. A German shop in the heart of London offering a variety of German food products. If you fancy a fresh pretzel, you’ll find that, too.IMG_0048IMG_0049IMG_0050IMG_0052IMG_0053Who wouldn’t love a delicious and fresh German pretzel to nibble while browsing around?

A few more snaps from around Borough Market below.IMG_0087IMG_0085IMG_0063Locals or tourists can buy carrier bags, tea towels, aprons or oven gloves from the Borough Market Merchandise Stall in the heart of the market.IMG_0058IMG_0059Whether it’s fresh lavender, organic french baguette, butter biscuits or fresh produce, you’re guaranteed to find the best in London’s most reputable market. It’s all about the quality there!IMG_0055

Beautiful colours just pop out on every stall and in every corner around the market.

Get ready to be welcomed with eye-catching displays of mouth-watering fruits and tantalizing cakes and pastries as you stroll around.IMG_0057IMG_0065IMG_0088If you are a cheese fanatic like myself, then you definitely won’t be disappointed. Borough Market has some of the best cheese stalls I’ve ever seen, offering fresh, affordable and good quality cheese. Cheese Heaven for cheese lovers!IMG_0067IMG_0066IMG_0069“No such thing as too much cheese.” … My thoughts exactly!

To all gentlemen readers, this is by far the most charming old-school barbershop I’ve ever laid eyes on! To make things even better, no appointments needed! Just walk in, get groomed, walk back out and carry on with the rest of the day.IMG_0061IMG_0060Fitz Fine Food stall has lots of pates, mustards and vinegar all from France. The stall was very beautifully decorated with large wooden cabinets filled with all kinds of delectable food goodies. There was a display of pretty paintings in chunky golden frames which made the stall standout and very eye-catching.IMG_0075IMG_0071My sister bought the English Black Truffle Pate and a few flavoured mustards. They go really well with Gouda cheese or Farmhouse Cheddar cheese for sandwiches. Everything we tasted at Fitz was simply divine! We will always go back there! Highly recommend it.IMG_0073IMG_0074

Just opposite Fitz, there’s this colourful, cosy-looking and fully stocked stall. There is an exotic feeling as soon as you walk into Spice Mountain. The ladies at Spice Mountain were incredibly friendly and helped me with my spices shopping.IMG_0077

Some nice information here.

IMG_0076It is very nice to just look around all the different mixes of herbs and spices. I picked up a few things like the smoked paprika and some Italian herb mixes.IMG_0080The sky was still blue and bright when I walked out of the busy market. A wonderful aroma filled my nostrils and I immediately recognized it! It was coffee and it filled the air. Monmouth Coffee Company opened their second shop in Borough Market back in 2001 just on the corner of Park and Stoney streets. It’s one of the best coffee roasters in London.IMG_0091It was very crowded though (which is a good sign!), but the queue was too long. I admired just looking at the staff at Monmouth working efficiently with such elegance, friendliness and enthusiasm, despite the crowds waiting for their coffee fix. That’s a successful business there! Way to go Monmouth.IMG_0090Right next door to Monmouth, there lies Konditor and Cook– one of London’s notable bakeries which is also a cake/ baking school. It’s known for their “notorious” brownies! Chewy, gooey and absolutely delicious.The Raspberry Meringue looked very delicious and fluffy. It tasted exactly how I imagined it would… Sweet, airy and melts inside the mouth. Yum!IMG_0097IMG_0096IMG_0098Spending a few hours strolling around Borough Market is one of the best things you can do when in London. It’s also a good family day out or just a spot to hang out with a friend and grab a cup of coffee. Very entertaining!

Just make sure you check the opening hours before you hit the market. All information on how to get to Borough Market are available on their website. Just view the interactive map on the website for directions.

Leave me your comments if you do get to Borough Market and end up enjoying it as much as my family and I did.

Keep checking my blog for more posts on things to do and explore around Great Britain.

With love,

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