The Clink Prison Museum

Just a short walk from “Borough Market”, you’ll find a beautifully lit brick-walled passageway leading to London’s most notorious medieval prison “Clink”. It’s now a museum where you can learn about all the medieval torture devices as well as hear the gory and torment tales of the Clink Prison inmates.IMG_0101IMG_0102IMG_0105Clink Prison Museum is located in Southwark on Clink Street. If you’re in the area, it’s really worth it to have a walk and follow the Thames River Path. It’s amazing to just walk aimlessly and discover the interesting hidden places around London. You’ll come across nice cafés, historical sites and charming alleyways to stroll around.

For directions, just look for the street name plates and you won’t get lost finding your way around London.

Golden Hinde IIThe Golden Hinde II , Sir Francis Drake’s ship is only a few steps away from Clink. Enjoy some interactive tours and explore the reconstruction of the Elizabethan ship.

A few pictures below showing the entrance and ticket prices for The Clink Prison Museum.IMG_0107Family tickets are reasonably priced. The lady at the reception counter was very helpful and offered sufficient information about the museum. It’s a hands-on educational experience and very informative for children studying England’s Horrible Histories.IMG_0108Some interesting and fun activities for children of all ages.IMG_0110IMG_0109Are you ready to explore the museum that gave its name to all others? Here we go…IMG_0112It’s dimly lit inside the museum which provides a gory and dark feel. It reminds you of what it must have felt like for the inmates. Horrifying!IMG_0115The first room is the”Bishop’s Room”.

Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester. He completed the work on his new palace located in Southwark in 1144, which had two prisons.

More information on the Bishop of Winchester and his palace on the Thames.IMG_0117All the details inside the museum are amazing. It’s great to observe everything and pay attention to all the little details.IMG_0119IMG_0123IMG_0122IMG_0121A couple of videos to show parts of the museum…

The museum is packed with information displayed clearly on the walls. There are a few benches and seats to sit down and absorb it all.IMG_0127

The Collar, a medieval torture device used at The Clink. More information below.

IMG_0131Find lots of horrifying information and displays in the torture chambers.

Beheaded individuals had their heads displayed publicly for everyone to behold their treason. The executioners back then would hold the heads shouting “Behold the head of a traitor!”.

IMG_0133IMG_0134Beheading people with an axe or a sword on a wooden block was common in England. It was a cheap and a practical method. People heads were decapitated for treason, serious types of theft among other crimes.IMG_0135IMG_0136Upon stepping out of the gory and dark medieval prison, back into the sunshine of modern-day Southwark, you can have a juicy and tasty burger for lunch right next door to The Clink at the  Gourmet Burger Kitchen.IMG_0138IMG_0139It is a really wonderful experience at The Clink Prison Museum. It’s open all year round, 7 days a week (except on Christmas). I highly recommend it to spend a memorable day with your loved ones (specially the younger ones).

For more details check their website.

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