Schloss Stolzenfels, Koblenz

Hello, everyone! Welcome to yet another travel post. Today I would like to invite you all on a wonderful journey that is very close to my heart. This journey takes place in the Romantic Rhine in Germany, specifically in Koblenz town. Koblenz is a beautiful and modern town perfectly situated by the Rhein. I started off my journey from Koblenz Hauptbahnhof (the train station in German) taking bus number 650 to one of the most famous castles on the Rhine “Schloss Stolzenfels”. It’s situated 5Km to the South of Koblenz.

IMG_9011The bus drops you off in the castle’s car park, where you can take a 15-20 minute walk/ hike up to the Schloss. The hike is highly recommended. It’s truly stunning to walk on the road leading up to the castle. It’s like a walk through a forest with captivating sights of the green nature. It’s really something that I will remember for the rest of my life. It’s very serene, calming and peaceful. However, I wouldn’t recommend the walk if you’ve got any health issues. It could be a bit arduous for some people due to the steep footpath. I heard that a shuttle service from the car park is available, but you can double-check at the train station for more information.

A few snaps below showing the views while hiking to the Schloss.DSC00275DSC00276

The beautiful sun rays penetrated between the trees leaves high above and made the walk even more magical every time I looked up!

Through every road bend the anticipation is heightened to get the first glimpse of the Schloss. The excitement builds up and you only think about arriving at the gates.

More pretty sights while hiking to the Schloss.

And here’s the first glimpse of Schloss Stolzenfels. It is much prettier in real life. The general view of the trees, the castle and the river Rhein down below took my breath away.DSC00368The entrance to the castle and the gates looked exactly like I had imagined. Just like it came straight out of a fairytale book or a medieval movie scene!DSC00369The lady at the ticket office was friendly and I managed with my rusty German to buy an adult ticket for 5 Euros. Although she spoke English, but being the language enthusiast that I am, I wanted to put my German language skills to the test. I did better than I thought and that is a reminder for myself and you to always believe in your capabilities.DSC00285Above the mighty Rhein stands Schloss Stolzenfels with its crenellated towers and ornate gables. It was a sight for sore eyes. I stood there and I couldn’t believe that I was witnessing such a  fascinating view.DSC00282As you can see from the pictures, the castle has a medieval style with a Gothic influence visible in its architecture. It has a beautiful and spacious courtyard, a few gardens and a charming chapel in addition to various rooms which still remain largely unchanged as King Friedrich Wilhelm IV left them.DSC00359

A glorious panoramic view of the Rhein Valley from the courtyard of Schloss Stolzenfels.

I felt like Juliet was going to come out on the balcony to meet her Romeo!DSC00295

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

As I walked around the outside courtyards of the castle, I was astonished with all the fantastic details of this majestic castle for which the Rhein is famed.DSC00296Wouldn’t you just love to sit at this dining table with your loved ones and sip peach iced tea all day long while enjoying the view? (Pfirsich Eistee, bitte. Danke!). 🙂DSC00324

An exterior view showing the “Rose Window” of the castle’s chapel. That’s architectural beauty at its best.
Cargo boats and ships go up and down the river. You could easily lose track of time just observing the ships and boats go by.

DSC00320The castle has a lovely garden known as the “Pergola Garden”. It is filled with colourful flowerbeds and a fountain decorating its centre. The sound of the cascading water and the birds chirping was very calming. You’d think you arrived to paradise.

Panoramic view of the Pergola Garden.
The beautifully designed Pergola Garden in the centre of the Schloss.


Fabulous ceiling design in the archways around the Pergola Garden.

Here comes my favourite feature of Schloss Stolzenfels and that is the charming chapel on its grounds. It has lots of beautiful drawings on the walls, fabulous architectural designs and two large wonderful Rose Windows.

The main entrance to the chapel.
Big windows for enough light to come in.


Rose Windows are round/circular windows found in Gothic-styled churches.
Another interior view of the “Rose Window” and the drawings on the chapel walls.


Up Close details of the columns inside the chapel.

Inside the chapel  there is also a metal spiral staircase with beautiful metal work.DSC00304DSC00318

This crown is like the cherry on top making the staircase very elegant and fit for the crowning castle of the Rhein Valley.



Even the design of the drain outside the chapel imitates that of the Rose window. Remarkable attention to details!

When the tour started, we were taken inside the castle to look at the different rooms and beautiful halls.DSC00332All the windows from the inside overlook exquisite views of the Rhein, the castle’s outer grounds and Pergola garden.DSC00335

The Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV rebuilt the castle (after it was destroyed by the french) and used it as his summer residence. One of the most noted guests included Queen Victoria of England.

The common bedroom of Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm.

DSC00338The exquisitely decorated rooms and lovely furniture shows the lifestyle and social status of people during that time period.DSC00340DSC00341

I really love this clover leaf door handle design.

DSC00342It is important to mention that we all had to put on special slippers over our shoes to protect the parquet wooden floors from damage.

The Knight’s hall was filled with weapons and armours which were displayed on the walls. It was brightly lit due to the big windows.DSC00347

Original furniture dating back to the 19th century.
There’s something captivating about stained glass windows. The art in them tells a story. The more figurative the design is, the more interesting it looks.


The interior of the castle was splendid and once the tour was almost finished, we were taken back outside to take a look at the kitchen.

The main courtyard leading to all the different parts of the castle including the kitchen.

We had to walk up a flight of stairs outside in the courtyard to get to the kitchen (see picture below).IMG_3899DSC00363The kitchen was rebuilt and refurbished. It was fairly simple. There was nothing too special about it. A stove, a brick oven and a table with a few cookware.DSC00358The tour was then over and we walked right out.DSC00365The good news is that the hike down the steep footpath is much easier. It also takes less time. It’s a good idea to have a bottle of water and a few refreshments in your bag/ backpack. Take cash because card payments are not accepted at the ticket office.DSC00366Schloss Stolzenfels is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the “Upper Middle Rhine Valley”.

For more information regarding the opening hours and ticket prices, check the website. It’s in German, but you can easily translate the information.

I would love to hear from you. Leave your comments down below and if you visit the castle after reading my blog, then I’d enjoy to hear about your experience.

Lots of love,

Schön Living







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