A morning in South Kensington

Hello, lovely readers. I hope you are all doing well. My favourite way to start the day when I travel is to get a delicious breakfast somewhere cosy with a brilliant buzz and a friendly atmosphere. Muriel’s Kitchen in South Kensington is definitely the right spot to start the day right. It is perfectly located within a short walking distance to the Museums Quarter. That’s why I chose to have a hearty breakfast in the comfort of Muriel’s Kitchen before hitting the museums.

Muriel’s Kitchen is literally situated above South Kensington underground station. Kensington is a wealthy and highly reputable area in London. It has a lot to offer from shopping to walks in the royal parks and discovering the free museums.

South Kensington Tube Station. Photo taken by my lovely sister.

Love the hustle and bustle of London.
Side view of South Ken Underground Station.

As soon as I approached Muriel’s Kitchen I was greeted with a mouth-watering array of cakes and pastries on their display window.IMG_0278IMG_0277My family and I felt very welcomed as soon as we stepped inside the cosy and warm restaurant. There were a few people queueing and we had to wait for a little bit to be seated. It can get really crowded during the weekends, so it’s a good idea to go early. In South Ken kitchen no reservations are taken. You just turn up and they find you a table.

I couldn’t resist taking a few snaps while waiting for our table.

The smell of freshly baked pastries and freshly brewed coffee filled my nostrils while waiting to be seated.
A variety of salad options perfect for a healthy lunch.
Good quality jams at reasonable prices.
Clean, tidy and very well decorated.

Delicious traditional Afternoon Tea for £15.75 pp is served daily to brighten up anyone’s day.

Muriel’s Kitchen offers delightful afternoon tea served on a mini picnic bench. How cute and charming! Check the menu here.

After waiting for around 15 minutes we were taken to our table.

The attention to details is impeccable. If you look closely, the lights are made out of cake tins.

The restaurant was crammed with pans, pots, cook books on shelves, kitchen utensils and plants. It felt like being home. The interior design was simply spot on.

“Wake up and smell the coffee.”


I ordered a latte with a caramel syrup to warm me up on that cold London day.

There was a genuine feeling of comfort and sheer joy that came over me while looking around and admiring the waiters rushing by to serve everyone, while maintaining big smiles on their faces. People’s laughter and chatters mixed with the sound of coffee machine steamers filled the air. That kind of rushing moments is what I call life.

My hearty breakfast for champions was finally on the table. I opted for Nana’s Veggie Breakfast which was a big serving of 2 organic eggs (I chose sunny-side-up style) with wilted spinach, baked beans, 2 toasts, baked tomatoes, Portobello mushroom and a flavourful potato rosti.IMG_0291The food was fresh, tasty and I could tell it was prepared with the finest of ingredients. I enjoyed every bite and towards the end I was feeling stuffed. It was a big portion for me and next time I’ll definitely share it. Unfortunately I didn’t have room for dessert, so I paid my bill, put on my coat and was ready (and full) to start discovering the museums just around the corner.

For more information on Muriel’s Kitchen and their menus, check out their website. Don’t forget to make a reservation only if you’re visiting the Richmond or Soho branches. Reservations are not taken for the South Kensington branch.

Natural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum here I come. Stay tuned for the next blog posts packed with pictures and information on those lovely museums.

With love,

Schön Living





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