Harewood House, Yorkshire

Good day to you all my lovely readers. I hope you are well and having a wonderful day so far. Today’s post is very special and close to my heart because it takes place in Yorkshire, UK. I lived and studied in Yorkshire for almost 6 years and it was the place I once called home. I still have a longing for Yorkshire and I sometimes quite miss the life I had there. The UK in general is a spectacular place to live in specially for a history buff like myself. Yorkshire in particular has a lot to offer when it comes to splendid historical sites. Harewood House in Harewood near Leeds is one of many.IMG_1413

DSC00039The reason I decided to blog about my visit to Harewood House is because the wonderful 18th century Treasure House is being used for filming ITV’s new British period drama series, Victoria. The house is completely closed TODAY for filming the miniseries following the life of Queen Victoria.

When I visited Harewood House, I took a bus from Leeds bus station to Harewood. A bus service runs every 15 minutes during the day from Leeds. Upon arrival, I paid my ticket at the entrance and took the free shuttle service through the tree-lined driveway to the House. Bear in mind, that when I arrived it was later during the afternoon around 4:00pm and the house was closed for visitors which was a complete disappointment. However, I wanted to see the Gardens and Grounds. If you decide to go, check the opening times and ticket prices online to avoid any disappointments.

Downton Abbey-like! I felt like Carson was about to greet me at the entrance.

If you are a nature enthusiast like I am, then you definitely won’t be disappointed. Harewood House has lavish gardens and spectacular grounds surrounding the grand building. The views capture both the imagination and the heart. DSC00043DSC00044DSC00045DSC00046Beautiful statues, fountains and sculptures are to be found at every corner.

A mesmerising sight for sore eyes!

DSC00049DSC00052Garden-lovers will find themselves in heaven as Harewood House has a variety of plants and flowers from all over the world.DSC00054

Pretty little daisies.
“A Garden Is A Friend You Can Visit Anytime.” Unknown

DSC00058The Courtyard Cafe and the Terrace Tearoom offer lovely food options and refreshing drinks. It’s splendid to have a meal in this glorious place, but I just wanted to spend more time exploring the Gardens and Grounds.DSC00059DSC00060The Lake Gardens was where I found peace and calm. The area was absolutely peaceful and quiet. I just stood there, looking around and absorbing that fantastic view.

The beautiful art of mother nature…


It’s the little things that mean enough and create the most wonderful lasting memories.
If plants can emerge through the rocks to grow, we should continue growing even when we hit rock bottom. Remember to keep positive and always follow the light.

It was time to leave the exquisite Harewood House. Even though I was very disappointment that I couldn’t visit the State Rooms and Below Stairs, but on the other hand, I was very delighted for the experience of exploring the Gardens and Grounds.DSC00068Back on the bus to Leeds City Centre, I read one of the most quotations that resonates with me until now. I definitely am a person who travels for fulfillment. It’s wonderful that life keeps giving us such signs every now and then, to remind us of what we love doing the most. Don’t wait any longer and go out there to pursue what you love the most. DSC00072

“I have wandered all my life, and I have traveled; the difference between the two being this, that we wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.” Hilarie Belloc

With the wise and fulfilling words of Belloc we come to the end of this post.

Sending you the best wishes for a lovely day filled with positivity.

Until next time!

With love,

Schön Living


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