May Favourites

Hello, my lovely readers and friends! It’s been awhile since the last time I posted on the blog and I’ve really missed it very much. I was taking some time to collect more interesting topics to post here on Schön Living. It’s the end of May and I cannot believe it’s already June tomorrow! Half of the year has gone by already and now is the best time to reflect on what we’ve all been doing since the new year. It’s very crucial that we cultivate a sense of awareness and consciousness of what we are actually doing and where we are heading. I’ve spent the entire month of May trying to get in touch with myself and be in a more ”Zen” state of mind, so to speak. It wasn’t easy because I realized that a calmer and a more focused state of mind cannot be forced, but practiced daily until mastered. It’s something that you learn to do day by day while making little changes. We have to train our brains to be more focused on the present moment. It’s like learning a new skill… It needs time, patience, determination and the will to experiment. I feel like I’m getting there and I’ll tell you more about it in the next post.

For now, I’ll spare you my ongoing ramble and ruminations so that I can share with you my favourite things during May. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading May Favourites.

With love,

Schön Living



In my honest opinion, United Nude is not only my ultimate favourite shoe brand, but it’s also the best creative and architectural footwear designer in the fashion world. UN footwear is elegant, uniquely designed and very comfortable. Whenever I wear one of my UN shoes, people stop me on the streets to compliment my footwear. I always feel amazing when I wear their shoes. During the entire month of May, I was wearing my silver and black Rosa Oxford shoes. Minimalistic style and very comfy. The shoe design has white rubber and chunky heels, with an elastic band which gives a sporty, yet chic look. The mix of silver, white and black makes them perfect for all outfits. I tend to pair mine with cropped blue jeans to really show them off and make them pop-out even more. IMG_1365


I love reading quatrains and quotations. I absolutely can lose the sense of time when I read them and then ponder the more profound meaning behind them. I believe that we can learn a great deal from reading such verses . I recently received a book on Rumi as a gift and it was an absolute joy to read through it. Jallaledin Mohamad Rumi, simply known as Rumi, was a timeless Persian poet and Sufi scholar. It’s such a pleasure to read his meaningful and influential poems. The pocket-sized book titled, Rumi Whispers of the Beloved, translated by Maryam Mafi and Azima Melita Kolin will be perfect if you are a spiritual seeker. The lovely bookmark from Egypt has lovely Arabic Calligraphy which is a quote by Gibran Kahlil Gibran. The translation of the Arabic calligraphy is “Love has brought us together, who can separate us?”.

IMG_1631Rumi’s book is beautifully packaged and has Persian Calligraphy illustrations as well. Find below some of my favourite Rumi poems. IMG_1632IMG_1633The Muslim and Arabic culture offers an abundance of interesting and valuable information. It is really worth it to delve deeper into it. Have a go and you’ll LOVE it!


A movie starring Diane Keaton and Morgan Freeman in New York City… Need I even say more? An absolutely delightful light comedy with lots of sweet emotions. It will warm up your heart and draw a smile on your face. Great soundtrack! move on to the next favourite.


Van Morrison’s “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” is featured on the movie 5 Flights Up and I couldn’t stop listening to it since I watched the movie. The lyrics are lovely, the music very uplifting and delightful. Yes! I am a hopeless romantic! 🙂 It’s too bad that the song was not included on the original soundtrack.


iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

Seven Minutes Work-out app is a great way to exercise and train anywhere, without any equipments and for ONLY 7 minutes per day. This modern workout is designed for busy people and is scientifically proven. I personally have enjoyed using the app and tracking my performance. Give it a go and enjoy short, yet hight intensity interval training.

Thank you very much for stopping by to read my blog. I hope you have a wonderful June and for all the Muslims out there Ramadan Kareem/ Happy Ramadan. 🙂

Leave me your comments down below.

Until the next post!


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