St. Katharine Docks

Need a spot for an enjoyable waterside dining experience in London? Look no further! St.Katharine Docks is the perfect place. It’s one of London’s most wonderful hidden gems nestled perfectly just a few steps away from Tower Bridge. It has a few retail shops, art galleries and a wide array of dining options all located on the waterside.IMG_1388To get to St.Katharine Docks you can take the tube to Tower Hill Underground Station and then take a 3-minute walk through the pedestrian passageway leading to the Docks. I usually go there through walking from London Bridge Station until I get to Tower Bridge  and use the steps on either side of the bridge to arrive to the Docks. It’s more fun to take the latter option because the views and several attractions in sight are more fun and interesting. I actually bumped into Dave Burt – Founder and Chief Editor of @London Instagram– nearby London Bridge and he was very nice, humble and approachable. IMG_0620IMG_1369IMG_1370

IMG_1380St.Katharine Docks is a picturesque haven in the heart of London located away from the hustle and bustle. The Marina is filled with luxury yachts and beautiful boats. Get ready to enjoy stunning views, tranquil walks by the waterside and delicious food.IMG_0622IMG_0626

Historic barges add a touch of elegance and character to St. Katharine Docks.

IMG_1385IMG_1384I’ve visited the stunning St. Katharine Docks twice and I had the privilege to dine at two different restaurants. It was still cold when I visited the Docks and unfortunately didn’t get to experience an Al Fresco lunch in the sun right by the water edge. All restaurants offer outer seating areas, but make sure the weather is perfect before you visit.


St.Katharine Docks is splendid come rain or shine.



Café Rouge is one of my favourite Francophil restaurant/cafe. I enjoy the French atmosphere, the food and the general ambience. It’s cosy and warm. Perfect dinner spot during the cold winter days. IMG_0632IMG_0633

Soft, warm and delicious artisan leaf-shaped garlic bread perfect for sharing.
Baked Camembert to satisfy cheese fanatics’ taste buds.
I’m a huge fan of lemonade. I order it everywhere I go. Citron Presse at Cafe Rouge is the best.


Kids meal comes with a dessert for the little ones.

IMG_0624IMG_0623The second time I was at St.Katharine Docks I opted for Côte Brasserie. I just realized that I have a thing for Francophil restaurants. 🙂 The restaurant was very lovely, authentic and our table was perfectly situated near a big window overlooking the waterside and the boats. The menu was packed with tantalizing food options and it was really hard to choose.IMG_1390undefinedIMG_1391

Lemonade again! I told you so. 🙂


Cheesy, warm flatbread with caramelized onions. Sweetly melts inside the mouth.

IMG_1396IMG_1398The food was of a great quality, tasty and fresh.We sat there enjoying the beautiful view from the comfort of our seats, sharing food, talking, giggling and our laughter filled the air. It started getting dark outside and that’s when we decided to get the check, take one more walk around the docks before heading out back into the hustle and bustle of the City of London.IMG_0642IMG_0644IMG_0645IMG_0647IMG_0648You can plan a day out exploring the Tower of London nearby and then enjoying dinner at St. Katharine Docks. You can even visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition to step into the most iconic bridge in the world and enjoy experiencing the Glass Floor walkways! That’s definitely on my to-do-list, but it’s always crowded and it’s advisable to book entrance tickets online.

I highly recommend you visit St. Katharine Docks at some point. It’s so beautiful and tranquil.

With love,

Schön Living


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