Little Venice, Regent’s Canal

London is known for being one of the best cities in the world for walkers. Some of the best guided walks and tours take place around several areas in London. During the warmer weather conditions, when the sun is shining, the breeze is fine and the sky is blue there’s nothing better than enjoying a walk on a footpath along the Regent’s Canal. Little Venice is a picturesque oasis filled with narrow and colorful houseboats. It’s where the Grand Union Canal and the Regent’s Canal meet together. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a stroll in one of London’s prettiest, most tranquil and serene attraction.

Little Venice is only a 3 minutes walk away from Warwick Avenue Tube Station.

I immediately thought of Duffy’s Warwick Avenue song. It’s a somber track, but without even thinking I started humming it while I was there. Check it out below. “You think you’re loving, but you don’t love me… I want to be free… “. *weep* *sigh*

Now let’s get back to our main topic. Maida Vale (where Little Venice is located) is a charming residential area with tree-lined streets and big, beautiful houses. You can also get to Little Venice via Paddington Station and following the street signs.

On the way to Little Venice from Paddington, you’ll bump into Paddington Bear Statue.

IMG_1411IMG_1414As soon as you are in Little Venice, just follow the tree-lined footpath by the canal’s winding waterway and get ready for a sensory overload. Everything is vibrantly coloured and looks even better with the sun brightly shining in the vast blue sky.IMG_1418London Waterbus Company offers canal boat cruises through the scenic Regent’s Canal leading to London Zoo and Camden Lock which houses the world’s famous market. Historically, canal trade was important in the growth of the industrial market and Britain’s development into an industrial powerhouse. Back in the days, Regent’s Canal was a crucial industrial transport route, carrying cargo boats filled with goods. When the railway system took over, commercial use of the waterways came to an end.IMG_1421Nowadays, canal boat trips are considered one of the best ways to experience London and enjoy the most beautiful and scenic views of the waterways. IMG_1425In addition to enjoying a stroll away from the hubbub of the city, you can also have a bite to eat or enjoy some refreshments in one of the waterside cafes and cool eateries in Little Venice. If you are a parent spending the day with your kids, then your little ones will surely enjoy the puppet theatre barge for kids. 🙂IMG_1426IMG_1427The Waterside Cafe is a floating cafe on the canal. It’s a narrow boat and looks rather magical on the inside as it’s been transformed into a cafe. Perfect spot for English Cream Tea or a light lunch with a side of a view. IMG_1441IMG_1440You can even find crisps, fruits, flavoured water, snacks and other refreshments.IMG_1439IMG_1428After I slightly started to get used to the magic of Little Venice, we sat down with our hot drinks and carrot cake to share. IMG_1432We were enjoying our tea with a side of view from the inside of the waterside cafe. I felt the motion of the boat as I sat there and it was very relaxing while absorbing the scenic views from the comfort of my seat. It’s a wonderful way to while away the hours. Sipping tea, talking, sharing a laugh, strolling around and enjoying some peace and quiet. IMG_1430IMG_1437Little Venice can be very busy during the weekend. In my honest opinion, it’s such a wonderful spot so why wouldn’t it be crowded. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.IMG_1445


The Waterside Kiosk offers a variety of ice cream flavours (Heavenly Honeycomb, anyone?). There’s no better thing than walking by the canal and eating ice cream in the sunny and breezy weather. Yum!IMG_1447IMG_1448The Canal & River Trust is responsible for taking care of the astonishing canal heritage and preserving its history. The waterways, tunnels and beautiful bridges are being maintained and taken care of thanks to their efforts. You can read more about the canals, their history and upcoming events on their website here.

IMG_1451Walking along the peaceful footpath by the winding waterway can take you all the way to Regent’s Park and Camden Lock. The walk can take around 2 hours to reach Camden. I didn’t make it that far as I just wanted to have a nice stroll and enjoy Little Venice.IMG_1455 It’s such a simple pleasure to spend a day surrounded by nature. The yellow sun was shining brightly in the blue sky, which offered the perfect backdrop for the green trees lining the canal. I spent enough time observing the reflection of the trees on the water surface… It brought such joy to observe mother nature’s art and be present in the moment. A few children were laughing in the background, ducks quacking in the canal mixed with people’s chatter filled the air. A meditative state of mind in such a lovely place is what gives life meaning and makes you feel thankful for all you’ve got. In that moment, I felt immensely grateful for where my travels take me. I was grateful to be in Little Venice on such a perfect day.

If you get the chance to visit, pay attention to the lovely details on the houseboats. Some has flowerpots, others have cute little chairs among other interesting objects. I spotted a tiny Buddha on one of the boats. 🙂IMG_1457IMG_1462IMG_1465The boats have interesting names and some names can even start a whole conversation. Or even remind you of a funny joke!IMG_1469IMG_1473

I’m a wandering swan always looking to travel and explore the world around me.


Away from the tranquility of the Regent’s Canal, you realize that Little Venice is tucked away in the beautiful residential area of Maida Vale.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you are ever in London, don’t miss out on spending a lovely day in Little Venice. Just make sure you check the weather forecast.

I promise that the best is yet to come on Schön Living.

With love,

Schön Living


3 thoughts on “Little Venice, Regent’s Canal

  1. Thanks for this lovely post and visiting my blog. 🙂
    I work in Sheldon Square (right next to the Paddington Bear Statue) and I have been meaning to visit Little Venice but now I have to.


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