Schloss Drachenburg Part 2

Hello, world! How I miss this. I mean writing posts here on Schön Living. I find it very relaxing and therapeutic. I have been traveling around Germany during the summer. I was often in locations where I couldn’t get access to a decent internet connection. Believe me when I say that, at certain times, I was in almost secluded places where I truly needed to completely unplug from using all my tech devices. It was difficult to blog and upload photos/videos, but it also was very blissful and much needed. 🙂 Now that I’m back in Kuwait, I can enjoy blogging all over again and hopefully entertain you. I’ve been educating myself on how I can enhance my blog, too. In addition, I needed time to get organized and settled back in after 40 days of roaming, hiking and blissful aimless wandering in Germany. Now that it’s the end of September, I hope that the upcoming months (before the New Year…Yikes! where did the year go?)  will be more rewarding, productive and enjoyable. Stay tuned for exciting upcoming posts filled with pictures and maybe even videos.

As for now, let’s continue part two and the last bit on my magical visit to Schloss Drachenburg in the sleepy town, Königswinter, on the Rhein. Are you ready? Here we go. 🙂

After exploring the castle’s splendid interior and walking around the outer grounds in the drizzling rain and the misty fog for a few hours, it was time to sit down and enjoy a warm cup of coffee. We went back to the front building where the cafe was located. img_2102It was a beautiful space to enjoy some refreshments. It was simplistic, yet so very cosy. The cafe and the souvenir shop were in the same building. After I placed my order I took a quick look around the shop.

Very elegant and comfortable seats.


Dragon (drachen) soaps for 2 euros only. So cute for kids.
Almost everywhere I go in Germany I find No.4711 Koelnich Wasser (German for Eau de Cologne). Napoleon Bonaparte, Mozart and Voltaire are to name a few of the famous cologne users.

In the souvenir shop, there are refreshments, variety of ice-creams and some light snacks options which you can purchase.img_2126img_2129img_2108img_2110I enjoyed observing all the lovely details around the front building. I tried to imagine how it looked like back in the day and pictured the horses or carriages passing through to get to the castle. It must have looked even more magical back then, don’t you think?img_2120I picked up a copy of the newspaper (pictured above) to flick through it while I sip my latte and eat delicious, warm waffles. 🙂

Eis Schokolade, plum tart and schwarz kaffee, bite! 🙂
There’s no such thing as “Eis Schokolade ohne sahne” (without cream)! It’s always mit sahne (with cream). When in Germany and life gives you cream, take it and ENJOY it. 🙂

img_2116I enjoyed alternating between sipping the warm latte and having mouthfuls of the powder-sugared waffles combined with cold vanilla ice-cream. It was velvety, crunchy, soft, sweet, warm, then cold and absolutely mouth-watering with every bite.

We sat there, enjoying our coffee and cakes, talking about the magnificence of Schloss Drachenburg and how delighted we were that we decided to finally visit the place on that über magical day.

Afterwards, we took a ride on the Drachenfelsbahn to the very top of the Drachenfels. It was very foggy and hence couldn’t fully enjoy the spectacular view of the Rhein from the top. Still it was a magical view.img_2133img_2135img_2137

That was slightly creepy!
The view of the River Rhein from the top of the Drachenfels. It was very calm and serene being up there in the enveloping fog.

There were wild berries growing between the trees and the bushes. It was very pleasant to observe the surroundings, pay attention to the chirping birds and the children’s laughter. It is in such moments that I feel immensely grateful for my life and where it takes me. img_2153img_2151From the very top of the Drachenfels, we followed the signs to hike down through a steep footpath to get to the Reptile zoo. It was literally in the middle of captivating nature. While hiking in the foggy and dewy weather, we got glimpses of the castle in the distance and the view was very magical. It looked like the Disney castle (Cinderella castle). Be careful while you walk down though. The wet ground was at times a little slippery, therefore caution is recommended (specially if you get easily fascinated by nature’s beauty). 😉

A few snaps below showing the views while hiking down to Schloss Drachenburg, Reptile Zoo and Nibelungenhalle.img_6179img_6182

It was such a wonderful and unforgettable experience to hike in the misty and moody fog. It enhanced the whole experience and made it fairy tale-like. Superb!
I was so glad that there was a bench so that I (and other people) could sit down and truly absorb the beauty of that mesmerizing view. I definitely needed a few moments there to enjoy being so astonished with that castle crowning the scene.



That plant is known as ‘fern’ and it is a very old species. It has been around for 70 million years and the evidence came from fossil rocks. It’s really fascinating to think about everything this type of plant endured during its time on Earth! Wow!


A quick look through the side gate bars… Pretty.


img_2173img_2175img_2176Nibelungenhalle is a temple-like building which was built to celebrate the work of Germany’s composer, Richard Wagner. The inspiration of the shrine came from Wagner’s famous opera cycle Der Ring Des Nibelungen (Ring of the Nibelungen).

The building opened in 1913, on the 100th anniversary of Wagner’s birth.

img_6200img_2178The inside of the Nibelungenhalle is completely decorated with scenes from Wagner’s opera cycle.img_2184img_6318There is also the Drachenhöhle which is a cave/grotto housing a 13m long stone dragon. The medieval German legend says that Siegfried slayed the dragon that lived in the cave on the mountain top. This is where the name Drachenfels (Dragon Rock) comes from.img_6322img_6194The Reptile zoo was OK. It was full of crocodiles, snakes and iguanas. Nice for young children to see the crocodiles so closely through thick glass. I’m more of a history buff and nature lover, therefore I enjoyed the hiking and exploring the castle much more than anything.

If you’re ever in Germany and visiting the Rhineland area, then I highly recommend you visit Schloss Drachenburg or any other castle of the many castles that overlook the Rhein river. There are about 28 castles and I’ve had the privilege of visiting 7 of them already. 😉

As for now, I’ll leave you with a short video on my visit to Drachenfels. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Leave me your comments down below. I’d love to read them.

Lots of love as always,

Schön Living



One thought on “Schloss Drachenburg Part 2

  1. It is amazing : you give me a completely new outlook on Germany, including its nature, cultural sights and food! That makes me think that we should be thankful every single day for what we see and experience !! Thank you for letting me take part in your observations and feelings!!

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