New Favourites

Hello, readers! Right now as I’m typing this blog post, I keep taking my eyes off the screen and there’s a guy outside my window! I believe he’s a constructor working on the house being built next to my house. He seems nice and working hard on his job. The trees are green and the weather is slightly dusty. The dust hanging in the air is making the city’s skyscrapers look hazy and somewhat blurry. There are birds flying around in the vast sky and just looking at them gives me joy. Back on my desk, there’s an aromatic candle burning, a water carafe, a few notebooks, some notes and music is playing (New York Jazz Lounge- Autumn Leaves). I feel that all my senses are engaged in what I’m doing. I’m aware of my surroundings and conscious of the moment I’m currently living. Gratitude is filling every molecule in my body right now. My mind is filled with thoughts, but I’m allowing them to just come and go. Life is what we think of it. I think my life is pretty good and because I believe so, it turns out to be as good as it is. I’ve been through a roller coaster over the past couple of years, but I truly believed that things were going to change for the better because I deserve it. Guess what? Life began to improve and I started to make daily small changes. Now, I have more and more of the things I always wanted. A purpose, peace of mind, a job I love, a blog that allows me to express my true identity and a sense of satisfaction about what I achieve (even though it’s small). I’m progressing at my own pace, slowly, but surely. Held your head high and believe that you deserve the very best. Never settle for anything less.

Now back to today’s topic. My new favourites. It’s been a while and therefore, I’ve decided this time to combine my favourites from the past 3 months together. I’ve narrowed things down to my absolute favourites. Please enjoy reading and leave me your comments below.

Without further ado, let’s get started…


When I was traveling during the summer around Germany, I took only one light summer/ rain jacket with me. It was perfect. I’ve worn it with everything and it helped keep me dry from the drenching rainfall. It is a floral lavender-coloured coat and wearing it in the beautiful green nature made me feel like I was part of it. 🙂

It was a very good companion on my travels. Waterproof, breathable, functional and stylish. Joules is one of my favourite British brands specially for their countryside and “Britishness” sense of style. All Joules clothing, accessories and homeware come in bright and colours, colourful prints and are of high quality. They have the “Right As Rain Collection” which has a variety of stylish rainwear.

My sisters and I have the same jacket in different colours and prints. The sky blue colour with the striped jersey lining is very nautical. Ahoy Sailor! img_2328img_2326You can find similar rain coats and rainwear on Joules website. Or simply click the following links. Coast Waterproof Jacket – Berry Colour  ,  Coast Waterproof Jacket – Navy Blue


My all time favourite and go-to travel handbag is Longchamp’s Nylon Le Pliage bag. This fold-able handbag inspired by the Japanese art of Origami is perfect for everyday use. It’s affordable, super light, easy to clean Nylon material, fold-able and sturdy. It comes in different colours, shapes and sizes. I love using the small tote bag in beige colour (pictured below), but I also have the small handbag in navy blue and the large tote bag in black.

img_2331I like to travel comfortable, therefore I take the Le Pliage with me on all my trips. My converse shoes accompany me on all my journeys, too. 🙂img_1849


My NailClip Wood 580 Awarded Victorinox Small Pocket Knife is my ultimate travel favourite. It’s compact, pocket-sized and perfect for daily use. The nail clipper is great for keeping nails clean and tidy on the go. In addition to the nail clipper it has a knife blade, a key ring, nail file and a pair of small scissors. It’s affordable, handy and light as a feather.



This travel-sized kit is great if you’re a fan of trying out new products. I’ve long heard about Dr. Hauschka natural skin products and their effectiveness. I’ve never tried it before, but when I found the Clarifying Face Care Kit” while I was browsing around at GALERIA Kaufhof in Germany, I immediately bought it to try it out. My combination skin type was slightly suffering from the constant traveling. I had a few minor blemishes back in August. I found them irritating. When I started using the kit, I was happy with how delicate the products felt on my skin. The skin care regimen left my skin feeling smooth and supple. What a great introduction to Dr. Hauschka!



Sunshine – Tom Misch

This track reminds me of sunny summer days gone by. Such a feel-good music!

On an Evening in Roma – Michael Bublé

This track is on Bublé’s upcoming new album “Nobody But Me”. It will be Michael’s 9th album which will be released very soon on October 21st. Exciting!

High Hopes – Kodaline

I love this song so much to the point that I find myself humming it all day long. My sister is addicted to it as well. The Kodaline craze is expanding in our household. 🙂 Kodaline are an Irish rock quartet. Their music is heartfelt and real. I truly relate to Kodaline’s music.



Watch the video below. You will be enlightened! Skip autopilot to wake up to the world around us all. “Let’s start living in technicolour.”

I will dedicate an entire post about The Great Wake Up and Chris Baréz- Brown. The topic is very important to me. I find it eye-opening and very interesting. Why don’t you download the free app (Wake Up! App) on your smartphone and allow it to take you on a more positive ride through your day-to-day life? Come on… Just give it a go.

Find more info HERE.

Enjoy it.

With lots of love,

Schön Living


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