London’s Coolest Market

Hello readers and WordPress! It’s so good to be back and blogging again. I’ve stayed away from the blog for a while now. To be honest, I won’t come up with an excuse just to cover up for my disappearance! I simply felt uninspired and was faced with a serious writers’ block! My mind was blocked and I faced the screen numerous times trying to put the words together, but I would quickly hit delete and close my laptop screen. I focused on the instagram account over the past few months, but then I realized that I write on the blog not only for the audience, but also for myself. Staying away from it, helped me realize how much I missed it. I enjoy writing and I find a great escape in the world of words and photography. It took me some time to absorb that fact and what matters is that I’m back now, armed with a few tricks and newly-acquired skills for Schön Living.

So, without further ado, let’s get into business. Enjoy this post. 🙂

One of the things I love the most about London is its markets. In my honest and humble opinion, London has the coolest markets with the most genuine vibe going on there. Sometimes I feel like the people I know seem to have underrated opinions about London and I guess that’s because they don’t know the REAL London. I hope that through my blog I get to show you the REAL London. The various markets around London offer the perfect shopping destination for both locals and tourists. The plus point for tourists who visit London markets is that they’ll get to feel exactly like the locals!

Old Spitalfields Market (known as Spitalfields) is perfect for wandering around and grabbing a quick bite. What I like the most about Spitalfields is that it’s a covered market. I usually prefer to go there on rainy days to browse around the stalls and the boutiques. I rarely leave the market empty-handed! The market is located just five minutes walk away from Liverpool Street Station. If you have a thing for train stations like I do, then you’ll definitely enjoy stopping at Liverpool Street Station and enjoying the hustle and bustle of busy train stations. That reminds me of a quote I came across a while ago which exactly translates my love for trains and train stations;

“There’s something about the sound of a train that’s very romantic and nostalgic and hopeful.” Paul Simon.

Old Spitalfields Market is a surviving Victorian Market Halls which was built in 1876. The red-bricked building is enough to take your mind on a trip back in time to how market life might have been like back in the Victorian era.


There’s such a cool and youthful vibe at Spitalfields. The stalls offer shoppers different options each day. There’s something for all the family at Spitalfields. The market is open seven days a week.


From antiques, vintage art, clothes, hats to collectable vinyl. You can find it all at Old Spitalfields Market.


The Vagabond is the perfect hangout place for the Vagabrothers Marko and Alex. 🙂 I find these guys very inspiring and I absolutely enjoy following their journey in life together. It would be really nice to meet them one day and talk about travels, going places, languages, photography and books.



If you are a Mad Hatter, then “the last stop for the curious vintage” is the perfect hat stall for you. It’s located opposite Jo Malone inside the market hall. There’s a wide range of second-hand hats in all shapes, designs and sizes. Absolutely splendid fedoras and Panama hats.






The person selling the hats at the stall is Colin Rosie (pictured below). He’s quite a character with his three-piece suit, pocket watch, top hat and gloves. In the heart of the Victorian Market Halls, he attracts a lot of attention from tourists and market goers. Like a Victorian gentleman he walks around and gives a real feel of that era. He’s very nice to talk to and provides really good advice on hats. Make sure to check out his characterful stall when you visit the market.


The Cushion Studio, just next door to Rosie’s hats stall, sells quirky and cool cushions and doormats. Very cool and artistic. In fact, it makes the perfect gift or souvenir to take back home for your loved ones.


Realistic or gravely inappropriate? 🙂


That underground cushion is so cool. The 60’s campervan is very retro.
How I love all the details on this one. I bought it and find myself holding it and looking at its impeccable details every day. Find the two nuns, the navy officer carrying a handbag and the train platforms.

“Waterloo Station – A century of uninterrupted service during WAR and PEACE.” What a statement! You’ve gotta love Great Britain. After all, there are a thousand reasons behind its greatness.


There’s a number of shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants around Spitalfields. There’s quite a lot to see and do there.


Chocolatiers and chocolate stores are always are great idea, specially when free chocolate tasting is involved. 🙂 Montezuma’s is an award-winning British chocolate. You can find their chocolate bars here in Kuwait at Dean & Deluca. I’ve tried the Eton Mess and Summer Pudding flavours. Super tasty and quintessentially a decadent treat.


Old Spitalfields is the perfect brunch destination on a Sunday and every day really.


As far as food is concerned, you needn’t worry if you’re around Spitalfields as there are loads of options. From all day brassieres to street food and good quality coffee.










A Pear & a Fig – Ali Grant Sculptre






The market, as you can already see from the photos, is a really cool place to be and there’s always a lot going on there.

You can check all necessary details of events, opening times and directions on how to get to the market on their website (click here).

To conclude here, I just want to say that I know everyone is different and I understand that what might seem like an enjoyable highlight for me, to another person would be something to avoid. However, having said that, I find great comfort in visiting markets in London and wherever I travel. I realize that visiting a market might not be on the top of the list when you visit a place like London, but I always do as the locals do when I travel. In my own point of view, it is where the real magic can be found and I found Old Spitalfields Market magical and quintessentially British.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I assure you that more is coming.

With love as always,

Schön Living



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