Summer in Phantasialand

Who doesn’t enjoy the fun and thrill at an amusement park? It’s the perfect place for the entire family. There’s something for everyone there. One of the best things about spending a summer holiday traveling around Germany is to visit one of Europe’s earliest, most popular Disney-like amusement park (according to Lonely Planet and my own personal experience). Phantasialand theme park is located in Brühl, which is halfway between Köln and Bonn. It’s a very interesting and fun amusement park with six themed areas and the most recent thrill ride Taron.

It’s so fun to go and spend an entire day in Phantasialand, but I highly recommend spending a night or two at one of its two hotels – Ling Bao (Chinese theme) or Matamba (Deep in Africa theme). I’ve stayed at both hotels and they’re equally good and fun for kids, however, staying at Ling Bao Hotel gave us direct access to the park, with the flexibility of going in and out of the park as we desired. You get a stamp on your hand to mark that you’re a hotel guest and you can spend your day as you wish in the park, while being able to go back to the comfort of your hotel at any time.

Are you ready to check-in to your thrill-filled stay at Hotel-village Matamba? Let’s go. Willkommen!IMG_2449IMG_2450IMG_2457There’s a special check-in desk for kids, with a small step-ladder for them to be able to reach the reception counter. 🙂IMG_2464IMG_2463IMG_2456Let’s take a quick look at the hotel lobby while waiting for the checking in to be over…IMG_2452IMG_2458IMG_2459IMG_2461IMG_2462Your check-in is complete! You may go up to your rooms now…IMG_2478IMG_2477IMG_2465IMG_2476No doors inside the hotel room. Curtains will do, thanks! 😉 As soon as you enter the room, expect your kids (and your adult self) to go a little crazy! It’s part of the fun to allow your inner child to come up to the surface. 🙂 Scream, shout and jump on the beds.IMG_2475IMG_2472IMG_2474Room #1 in the suite has a double-bed…IMG_2469IMG_2470IMG_2471Room #2 has twin beds and felt very nice and cosy.IMG_2466The hotel is perfect for families traveling together as the rooms are spacious enough.IMG_2482IMG_2495IMG_2510IMG_2511A balcony overlooking the park means an early bird alarm of screams and shouts from roller coaster rides.IMG_2488Bedroom African details …IMG_2498IMG_2500Phantasialand is divided into six themed areas as follows ;

1. Deep in Africa is where hotel Matamba is located and one of this area’s most sought after attractions are Black Mamba ride (pictured below) and the African Dance show where you can join in and learn how to dance African style.matamba2. Berlin is sophisticated, elegant, vibrant and colourful. It’s where you can eat a hot delicious waffel mit puderzucker (German for powdered sugar) or watch the world go by while sipping a mouthwatering Eisschokolade in one of Berlin’s several

IMG_2516IMG_2517IMG_25463. Mexico is where you can attend the exciting Ice Show at the Arena De Fiesta, eat some churros and ride Talocan or just stand on the bridge near the attraction and join other onlookers in witnessing the extreme experience of Talocan.IMG_2548IMG_2549IMG_2550

Whether it’s ice cream, churros or nachos that you’re after then you’ll find it all in Mexico and all other areas of the park. Burgers, Chinese food and much more are all on offer for you and your kids.
IMG_2551IMG_2554IMG_2555IMG_25564. Mystery or Klugheim the new themed world in Phantasialand has two new roller coasters TARON and RAIK. Klugheim is one of my favourite areas of the park. It’s a mysterious medieval village and it has a very interesting restaurant called Rutmor’s Tavern.IMG_2557IMG_2559IMG_2560IMG_2564IMG_2565IMG_2567IMG_2568IMG_2569IMG_2570IMG_25715) Fantasy area (Wuze Town) is very suitable for younger kids as some parts of it are indoor, so when it rains your kids can still enjoy their playtime peacefully. Most of the parks attractions are in this area. IMG_2574IMG_2576Last, but not least is China Town area. I’ll dedicate a separate post on the blog because I’ll take you on a tour through the second hotel – Ling Bao. There’s so much more to see and exlpore. Stay tuned!


P.S. I’ve been visiting Phantasialand ever since I was a child. It’s a very meaningful and significant place for me. There are so many cherished memories with my family and my dad, may he rest in peace. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and looking through all the photos.

I can’t wait to bring you more stories, attractions, off-the-beaten track places and travel tips…

Lots of love,

Schön Living


3 thoughts on “Summer in Phantasialand

  1. that looks inviting to me!!! It has been a long time, since I went there, so that gives me the idea to return to Phantasialand in the near future!!! Iam glad that you enjoyed it with your family!!! xxx Jutta

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