Summer in Phantasialand- Part 2

Adults are kids grown up, anyway. – Walt Disney

That’s exactly how I feel when I visit theme parks. My inner child comes up to the surface to play and have fun. As you already know, if you are a devoted reader of my blog, that I love Germany so dearly and enjoy discovering every part of it. Phantasialand is one of Europe’s earliest theme parks and you can discover more about by reading my previous post here. In today’s post, I’ll show you around China Town area with a few glimpses of the second Chinese-themed hotel “Ling Bao” in the park.

Watch the video and enjoy…

Ling Bao is a 4-stars hotel. It’s sophisticated and nicely decorated. The overall ambience, music and general inviting atmosphere will transport you to China immediately. There are candles lit everywhere and the lobby smells like a spa. As soon as you walk in , you’ll feel relaxed, as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.IMG_4470I spent a few hours wandering about the park, but then decided to return back to the hotel to check out the spa. My shoulders and traps muscles were tight, stiff and suffering! It was the best decision to give them some love and comfort. I booked a suitable appointment with the help of the reception staff because the spa brochure was in German. Mandala Spa is located in a separate building on the hotel premises. It’s quiet, tranquil and perfectly located away from the noise.IMG_4455The spa receptionist welcomed me in. My treatment was the Balinese (60 mins) full body massage and I paid for it (cost €60), then I was asked to choose a massage oil and picked jasmine oil.IMG_4454I changed into my bathrobe and slippers. The changing room was clean and well-equipped with all toiletries and other necessities. I was then led into the waiting room which had a spacious balcony overlooking the hotel courtyard/ garden. The receptionist brought me a cool glass of water and I sipped it while exploring around. My masseuse came in carrying a wooden foot bowl filled with warm water and flower petals. I soaked my feet, then she scrubbed and washed them, put my slippers back on and guided me to the massage room.

After the massage, I felt relaxed, less tensed and completely rejuvenated. Both my body and mind benefited from the treatment which restored back my energy and clarity. I went back to the waiting room / lounge and I found refreshing hot orange blossom tea waiting for me with a small plate of fruits. I put my feet up, sipping my tea in total relaxation and inhaling its energizing aroma. That was exactly what I needed! Even though I was at a theme park, I barely thought about it while being at the spa.

I changed back into my clothes and walked back to my hotel room. It was almost sunset and the pathway leading back to the hotel was charming with lit torches.IMG_4463People were lounging around outside, having drinks and their laughter filled the air. It was pleasant to walk back into the hubbub feeling calm and unwind.IMG_4467

Taken on iPhone 7Plus
Taken on iPhone 7Plus

I took enough time to admire the sunset, then went back to my room to get ready for dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Let me assure that should you ever decide to spend a couple of days at Phantasialalnd that you’ll enjoy them beyond measure. There’s truly something for the entire family.

Stay tuned for more on Schön Living.

Lots of love,

Schön Living


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